# 6 On Being Progressively Conservative About Facts

Doug Ford is letting us get drunk in the morning, and in public… the conservative party keeps telling fibs about the carbon tax, and a neat-o scientific discovery. Also some sports talk going into this glorious weekend of sports. 

#3 March Madness in the House of Commons

There’s a conspiracy going on with a beloved canadian coffee and doughnut chain, the opposition loudly objects to Justin Trudeau trying to put his SNC-Lavalin scandal to bed, and you’ll learn the best way to pick your NCAA March Madness bracket.

#2 Scandalous adventures in Canadian politics

On this week’s show Jamie breaks down the Doug Ford OPP story, gives an update on the SNC-Lavalin mess that Justin Trudeau is still in, and talks about some international stories involving the world’s nuclear superpowers.

He is also unsure whether or not to talk about himself in the third person in these descriptions. Working out the wrinkles as we go. 

#1 JT’s in Trouble

Justin Trudeau has nice af hair, but he has and is currently screwing himself in dealing with the biggest scandal, or at least most public, in his time as the Prime Minister.  I talk about why China suddenly hates Canada right now, the Donald’s newest plan to get his border wall built, and I try to cover a little bit about what is going on in Venezuela. 

Non-Controversial Politicians in 2019

As this show gets off the ground, what you’ll hear every week is current news about politicians, their parties, and important news focused on Canada, but from around the world too. Today however, I’ll be talking about the two North American leaders and some of the notable things they’ve done in their time in power. More locally, I talk about Ontario’s new premier and some of the headlines he’s made. 

I plan on doing more profile episodes on figures from around the world, as well as different specialty shows with guests. More to come all that.